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Pinnacle Supreme Locking Mailbox

Pinnacle Supreme Locking Mailbox
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Protect your mail and reduce the chance of identity theft with our USPS Approved Pinnacle Locking Mailbox.

The Pinnacle locking mailbox was designed by an identity theft victim. Working together with the Postmaster General in Washington, D.C., he came up with this unique design to combat identity theft through stolen mail.

The Pinnacle exceeds the US Postmaster General criteria for curbside locking mailboxes and as a vendor for the US Postal Service, it is required that it be made of the highest quality.

The Pinnacle's unique incoming mail slot is designed to keep mail thieves' hands out. Constructed of strong and durable aluminum sheet, it is lighter than steel thus minimizing cost and resisting rust or corrosion.

The Pinnacle accepts a full bundle of mail in one motion and has one of the largest drop chutes of any mailbox in it’s class allowing even a phone book to pass through. The Pinnacle Mailbox can keep several days of mail while security flaps keep incoming mail secure. Only you have the key.

The Pinnacle comes in four models and in standard black or white. Custom colors (green, brown and dark grey) are available for an additional charge. It is made from 1/16” or 3/16’ aluminum plate and is covered with a durable powder coat finish that protects for years. The Pinnacle has a solid one-piece top and side construction and is 100% rust free.

This mailbox is perfect for protecting your DVDs and stopping thieves from stealing them. You won't have to worry about your Netflix or Blockbuster DVDs being stolen with this secure locking Pinnacle mailbox.

The Pinnacle offers no hassle installation and mounts on any 4 x 4 mailbox post (mailbox brackets included).

Pinnacle Supreme Locking Mailbox

This is the basic Pinnacle Model built with economy in mind. This model offers the security of the Pinnacle mailbox for those who don’t require especially heavy duty or large mailboxes. Includes mounting brackets.

  • *1/16" Aluminum Plate
  • *10.75” W x 14”H Xx 23”D
  • Price - $155.00
  • The mail carrier doesn't need a key. Only you hold the key.

All of the Pinnacle mailboxes come with three keys. The incoming slot dimensions for all of the Pinnacle locking mailboxes are 2.0"H x 10.5"W. All models come in black or white. For an additional $75.00, you can purchase custom colors, which include: brown, grey, light grey, and green. Call us at 1-800-963-6335 for custom colors.

How The Pinnacle Supreme Locking Mailbox Works


Retrieving mail
To get the mail from your Pinnacle Mailbox:
Unlock the mailbox.
Remove your mail.
Close and lock the box.

Receiving mail
Your letter carrier simply pulls the handle to open the mailbox. He or she can slip mail and small packages in, but potential thieves cannot gain access to your mail

Outgoing mail
For outgoing mail unlock the secure compartment door. Then place your hand in the compartment and push the outgoing mail clip up with your finger (1). While pushing the clip up, pull the handle to to the incoming mail slot and place outgoing mail under clip (2).  Your outgoing mail will have to removed by the carrier before he can deposit your regular mail, magazines, prescriptions, etc. Extremely convenient and easy to use.  No need to even use the outgoing flag.

Matching Post for Pinnacle Mailbox

Matching Pinnacle Post

The matching Pinnacle Post ensures strength, stability and security and are available in the same colors as the Pinnacle mailboxes.

  • Posts are 4"W x 4"D x 5’(59 inches) Long.
  • Price - $70.00


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