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The Vacationer Locking Mailbox

The Vacationer Locking Mailbox
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For those of you that take vacations, this secure locking mailbox is for you. It's one of our bigger mailboxes that secure, durable, and big so it can store weeks' worth of mail

The Vacationer locking mailbox is one of the larger Fort Knox Mailboxes. It is the most popular model which can stand alone, or can be attached to a rack that supports multiple boxes. As with all of the Fort Knox mailboxes, there is a large locking door which provides excellent protection for your mail or other valuables. Also, the all steel construction, is practically immune to vandals.

How The Mailbox Works


Fort Knox The Vacationer Mailbox

The Vacationer Locking Mailbox Specifications:

  • 12"W x 18"H x 24"D
  • Weight - 140 lbs
  • The mail carrier doesn't need a key.  Only you hold the key.

This mailbox comes in standard black and hunter green. Additional colors are available upon request for additional. Please call us to add these an extra color.

This mailbox also comes with free 1 1/2” non-reflective address numbers on front door of mailbox (numbers only. See accessories below for more options).

We recommend that you order a matching post (option is below) so you have a post that can support the mailbox and a mounting kit to go with it (mounting kit is included with post). If you choose not to order the matching post with mounting kit, the best way to mount a Fort Knox mailbox is to use either carriage bolts or lag screws, and place them through the existing holes in the mailbox and then screw to a 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" wood or steel post or strong horizontal board.

The Vacationer Locking Mailbox - (No post, just locking mailbox)

  • Dimensions - 12"W x 18"H x 24"D
  • Weight - 140 lbs
  • Black and Hunter Green

Matching Post for Vacationer Mailbox

  • Post Dimensions - 5’ x 5” x 5"
  • Weight 65 lbs
  • This matching post is highly recommend since most other posts probably won't hold the weight of this mailbox.  This durable matching post is specifically made for this mailbox. Post comes with mounting kit.


Accessories For This Mailbox

Custom Paint Job - $100.00

Want a specific color for your mailbox? Personalize your mailbox with a custom paint job. This mailbox comes in standard black and hunter green. Additional colors are available upon request. Please call us to add a custom color.

Rear locking door (with welded shut front fake door)

This option is handy because you don't have to step out into a busy street to retrieve your mail.

Front and back doors keyed alike

This option lets you retrieve mail from the front or back of the mailbox.

Surface Mount Mailbox Post

This post is for installation on pre-existing cement slabs.  This post comes with a plate on the bottom that you screw into the cement to mount the post.

Aluminum Slide Out Tray

These 1/8" aluminum mailbox trays take the strain out of getting your mail. No more bending over or reaching to the back of the mailbox for that last piece of mail. Simply slide the mailbox tray out just far enough to reach your mail or, pull it out completely and into the car. Also included is the non-slip "air-mat" to keep your mail free from moisture. Finally, they are powder coated to give it that finishing touch. *Comes in a standard glossy black powder coat finish.*

Newpaper Box Add-on

A newspaper box makes a handsome addition to your Fort Knox Mailbox. A newspaper box can be attached right to your post. 1/4" Solid Steel Newspaper box will stand up to the strongest of severe blows from unwanted impact. If you've ever had the trouble of replacing many of standard issue newspaper boxes, we are sure you will appreciate a Fort Knox newspaper box.  If you have purchased a Fort Knox Mailbox without a newspaper box and have noticed the need for one, it is still possible to get one of these 35+ pound newspaper boxes.  They now come detachable for these (commonly needed) occasions.

*Yellow arrow is pointing to newspaper box.

  • Welded to post 1/4" steel newspaper box.
    Detachable 1/4” steel newspaper box


Slam Lock

This lock is designed for those who receive packages larger than the 1 3/4" slot.  The "Slam-Lock" is made so that you can leave the main locked door unlocked to receive packages.  Your mail carrier opens the "Slam-Lock" by pulling the polished chrome knob, takes your outgoing mail if needed, and then places your mail and/or packages in the mailbox.  The next thing that is done is the mail carrier then shuts the "Slam-Lock" door and it locks.  You are once again the only one with a key. Comes with 2 keys.

The Vault Lock

Made for those who just want EXTREME security. This lock acts just like a vault where steel pins position behind a strip of steel to keep anybody with some extra time on their hands out of this mailbox. From the front of the mailbox it looks the like our standard lock (picture on the right), but on the inside it shows the extreme measures we take on security with this lock.

ABLOY CL Series - "Double D" Hole Cam Lock: *Lock comes with 2 Keys.

Better known as the "Abloy Lock" which is the most reliable security lock available for coin-operated laundry equipment, vending machines, coin boxes, slot machines, music and gambling machines, pay phones and other high security applications like our Fort Knox Mailboxes!


Custom Decals and Street Addresses

All Fort Knox Mailboxes come with included address numbers on the front door; however, after ordering, you will be sent an email asking you what numbers you want on your mailbox and it is important that you respond to that email as soon as possible.

Do You want to add more personality to your mailbox? Add your entire street address in either reflective or non reflective numbers/letters.

This mailboxes comes with free 1 1/2” Non-reflective address on front door of mailbox (numbers only). After ordering, you will be sent an email asking you what numbers you want on your mailbox and it is important that you respond to that email as soon as possible.

  • 3" Non-reflective address numbers on side of mailbox (numbers only)
  • 3" Non-reflective numbers and letters of address (example: 1234 Mailbox Road).
  • 3" Reflective numbers on side of mailbox (numbers only)
  • 3" Reflective numbers and letters on side of mailbox (example: 1234 Mailbox Road).

Each Fort Knox is made personally for the customer and is shipped within 24 hours. The only exceptions are custom and large volume orders which may take slightly longer.

*If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, please e-mail us at sales@lockingmailboxstore.com before you order so we can quote you a shipping price.

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